TVPaint AnimationProfessional

From storyboarding to compositing: TVPaint Animation 12 Professional is an extensive 2D animation software offering you all you need to create an animation movie from start to finish.




Everything from TVPaint Standard, plus:

TVPaint Converter

Storyboading tools

2D Camera

Bitmap Rigging (Puppet Layers)

Smart Colorization (CTG Layers)

Image Library

Complete set of FX

Powerful animation tools

TVPaint Animation 12 Professional offers unique tools to make the animation process easier.

Colorize your drawings in a heartbeat using CTG layers, use automatic bitmap in-betweening with Puppet Layers, rework your drawings using the Warp tool and much more!

Storyboards and animatics

Create and share your own storyboards.

Add camera movements to your animations, organize your projects using Shots and Scenes and add notes and dialog information before exporting them to PDF.

You can also add multiple audio tracks (to each sequence or to your whole project) and share your animatics in a few clicks!


Image Library and TVPaint Converter

Manage and share your projects' assets through our revamped Image Library.

Batch export projects or batch import videos to create new projects without closing TVPaint by using the TVPaint Converter.

You will also soon be able to use a new client/server version of the Converter

Advanced FX

Put the finishing touches to your animations through a fine collection of FX!

Colorize your lines, make them thicker, create perspective shifts, fine-tune your colors, add blurs or volumetric lights and much more!


The advantages of TVPaint Animation Professional

Trial version !

The Trial version of TVPaint Animation alllows you to test all of the TVPaint Animation 12 Professional features for free, without any time limit.

Warning: you will not be able to save or export projects with the Trial version!





Modular Interface

Layer Folders

Custom Brushes engine

Light Table

Essential transformation tools (Panning, Transform, Perspective)

Dual Papers system

Pegs Stabilizer

Scan Cleaner

Customizable Workspaces

Essential set of FX

Storyboarding tools

Bitmap Rigging

Warp Tool

Smart Colorization (CTG layers)

2D Camera

Image Library

Complete set of FX

TVPaint Converter

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