TVPaint AnimationStandard

Start animating today!

TVPaint Animation 12 Standard puts intuitive and powerful tools in your hands to help you get a start in 2D animation.




Modular Interface

Layer Folders

Custom Brushes engine

Dual Papers system (Multitextured Brushes)

Essential transformation tools

Light Table with Out of Pegs feature

Scan Cleaner

Essential set of FX

Powerful brush engine

TVPaint Animation 12 Standard comes with a deep brush engine allowing you to design your own custom drawing tools by importing or drawing your own brush tips.

Map your Custom Brushes' settings to various parameters of your pen and graphics tablet using the software's pre-defined Connections.

TVPaint Animation 12 Standard also features a new Dual Paper system allowing you to create unique tools by merging mutliple textures together.

Traditional animation tools

Inspired by traditional animation at heart, TVPaint Animation 12 Standard features a Light Table (with an Out of Pegs feature), a Scan Cleaner and a Pegs Stabilizer function.

Open its easy-to-use Light Table to draw your in-betweens once your key poses have been set or import and then stabilize your drawings made on paper after scanning them.


Quick colorization

Colorize your animations quickly by using various methods such as the Freehand Selection Tool or the Auto Pick Color Tool.

Essential FX

TVPaint Animation Standard's included FX will allow you to easily add blurs, fine-tune or change your animation colors, stylize your drawings or add motion using the Keyframer.


Want to take your animations to the next level? Discover TVPaint Animation PROFESSIONAL

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Trial version !

The Trial version of TVPaint Animation alllows you to test all of the TVPaint Animation 12 Professional features for free, without any time limit.

Warning: you will not be able to save or export projects with the Trial version!





Modular Interface

Layer Folders

Custom Brushes engine

Light Table

Essential transformation tools (Panning, Transform, Perspective)

Dual Papers system

Pegs Stabilizer

Scan Cleaner

Customizable Workspaces

Essential set of FX

Storyboarding tools

Bitmap Rigging

Warp Tool

Smart Colorization (CTG layers)

2D Camera

Image Library

Complete set of FX

TVPaint Converter

Kilian Vilim

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